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Gryphen Specialty Products and Services (GSPS) provides a variety of meaningful day options to each individual with developmental disabilities that we serve.  Our goal is to help each individual strive towards independence to the best of their capabilities and to ensure that everyone is satisfied with services provided. The services we provide on a daily basis consist of supported employment, daily living skills, interactive meaningful activities and job training skills. We also offer paid integrated jobs and structured work opportunities in order to develop positive work attributes allowing each individual to develop to their fullest potential and become more marketable for future employment. We also provide various educational, leisure, and social activities.


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About Us

To ensure success, GSPS utilizes a diverse catalogue of service, employment and instructional methodologies.  Incorporating multiple “best practice” methodologies within the applicable training and business activities ensures that each individuals unique skills, abilities, and interests are taken into account at all times.  Methodologies used by GSPS and its staff include: Meaningful Day, Person-Centered Planning, Functional Behavior Assessment, Applied Research, Reverse Integration, Customized Employment, Micro-Enterprise, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Structured Teaching: TEACCH Model, Direct Instruction (DI), and Community Based Instruction (CBI).

GSPS will create products and business solutions that are developed and produced by ALL staff, both those with and without developmental disabilities. These products and services will include such things as gourmet dog treats, tote bags, herb and produce cultivation, reproducible and contracted art work, picture library software, etc.

With an emphasis on community development and partnership, at the local and global levels, GSPS also works with other agencies and non-profits that also promote similar values. This would include The Phoenix Foundation, in Phoenix, AACT or Autism Awareness Center for Training, in Accra, Ghana, the Ballou Center, in Lubumbashi, Congo (DRC), Stars and Rain, in Beijing, Huiling, in Nanjing, and many more.

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